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Questions and Answers

Question - My switch will not turn on?
Answer - Ensure your batteries are charged fully by charging for at least 5 hours. If after 5 hours the switch will not work have your charger checked by a suitable qualified person. If the batteries are near the end of life this will be indicated with the BAT message in the LED display.

Question - My LED display will not illuminate?
Answer - If none of the functions or the display appears not to be working chances are they have been disabled in the menu. Perform a full reset. Refer to page 16.

Question - My sound recordings aren’t very loud even when set to volume 10?
Answer - When recording make sure you talk clearly no more than 20cm away from microphone on the front panel.

Question - When the user releases the switch pad the sound plays and not when pressed?
Answer - The output menu is set to opposite. Change this option in the OUT menu.

Question - I have strange and not recognised image in the LED display and the switch is acting very strange?
Answer - Doo-zy is a computer and can hang up or crash should this happen we have to perform a hard reset or boot. Press the reset button on the underside of the doo-zy.

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