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What is Doo-zy?

Doozy is a unique 'switch communication' device that provides total control and versatility for users with special needs. Anyone involved in delivering learning for those with sensory or physical needs will appreciate the incredible flexibility of the Doo-zy and its host of built-in switch programs and features.

Doo-zy combines a number of devices into one multi-functional package.

  • Sound Recorder
  • Switch Communicator
  • Step Communicator
  • Infra red remote control
  • Music Player
  • Magic Eye
  • Toy Controller
  • AAC Device


Record your voice or your favourite music using the internal microphone or your MP3 player. Record hours of music, even create your own album and playlists. If you wish you can also plug in a microphone to enable easier recording of quiet sounds. Press the switch pad to playback your sounds in great quality.

All of these make the Doo-zy great for clarity of communication.


The bright LED display can be used to play timed or counting games at the touch of a switch. You can count forward or backward in time as you wish.


Use the Doo-zy infra red control to operate door openers, curtains and other assistive technology devices.


Doo-zy can learn infra red code from most domestic appliances that means you can even control your tv, hi fi and lots of other fun things including toys.


We don't even have to press the switch pad to operate, just turn on the eye and move your hand over the invisible beam and use Doo-zy to trigger sounds, toys or virtually anything.


Plug in a favourite toy and choose how to operate it. Momentary, latched, timed on, timed off, sequence and opposite; all these with the added bonus of having the recorded sound synchronised with the action.


Doo-zy vibrates to give fantastic tactile feedback when pressed. Turn on the pulse vibration as an added sensation.


Use the Doo-zy in any room, even in the dark, because the transparent switch pad illuminates when pressed and can pulse like an heartbeat. Perfect for multi sensory rooms!


Use the cradle bracket to fasten to the wall, un-clip at any time using the quick release clip. Fix a universal mount arm to the cradle for wheelchair use.


Draw your own graphics on cards provided or make your own and simply slide into the switch pad. They will even illuminate using the on board Doozy LED light.


The Doo-zy is truly one of the most versatile switch devices available. It can perform a whole range of tasks using its unique features. Here are just a couple of examples of what the Doo - zy can do when combining its features.

Use the magic eye to activate a favourite toy.

Record passages from a book into a sequence, press the switch pad to replay - Doo-zy is an audio book!


  • Menus are selected using the easy to use up, down, select buttons at the rear with easy to view LED display. Turn off the display at any time if it is a distraction.
  • Disable the rear control switches at any time with the LOC function to keep out meddling fingers.
  • The use of rechargeable batteries gives hours of use between recharges.
  • A light touch on the switch pad, a weight of100 grams is enough to operate the switch. Add the low profile actuator to make it easier for people with poor motor skills.
  • Plug any switch fitted with a 3.5 mm jack plug and it will also work the Doo-zy
  • For a full and comprehensive demonstration video along with information, technical and training details please visit our web site


Complete with everything you need to start with from day one, your kit includes a comprehensive 32 page user manual to get you started with the Doo-zy!

Worldwide mains charger
Quick start guide
Jack interconnecting lead 3.5 mm
Jack switch adapter, 3.5 mm plug to ¼ inch jack socket
Ten Graphics cards
Low profile clip
Cradle bracket

Phone us on 0845 299 6566 or email doo-zy@switch-ed.co.uk
( cost 2 p per min from BT land line )